I got a chance to check out the new 'Fantasy Island' movie for Valentine's Day and it was NOT what I expected it to be! This version of the Fantasy takes a dark twist on an old favorite that I used to enjoy.

On the original TV show, Fantasy Island was a place that people visited to live out their most desired fantasy. The island was ran by a distinguished and debonair gentleman named Mr. Rourke (Ricardo Montalban), and his vertically challenged assistant Tattoo (Herve Villechaize).

Although the guests thought they would living out their fantasies, Mr. Rourke's true intentions were to teach people lessons about appreciating the real lives they had back home by giving their fantasies some sort of ironic twist. No one ever got hurt on the island and everyone always left appreciating life a little more. We always assumed that Mr. Rourke or the island itself had some kind of magic but the source of it was never explained and frankly no one really cared.

This new Fantasy Island has more of a suspense/horror movie feel to it. The movie comes across as a 'Prequel' of sorts showing Mr. Rourke as a younger man with no 'Tattoo' assistant yet. When the guests arrive Mr. Rourke repeated gives the ominous warning that "Only one fantasy per person is allowed, and that each fantasy must be played out to end".

As the movie progresses, the guests' fantasies begin to intertwine, which made it a little hard to tell who was actually having the fantasy. It's revealed that the island has a will of it's own and that who we think is in charge, really isn't! Although the theme of 'appreciating the life you have' is still prevelant, it take a very dark twist.

Fantasy Island is definitely worth the price of admission and gets two thumbs up! check out the official trailer!

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