At some point over the last few years, Chuck Norris went from being a star of action movies and TV shows to a mythological being like Zeus or a Minotaur. The world exists because Chuck Norris allows it to apparently. There are whole websites dedicated to his awesomeness and countless memes professing everything from miraculous feats of intimidation and strength to slightly-less-than-spectacular facts created by some hack radio personality in the midwest who thinks he's hilarious.

Why it took so long for someone to come up the idea of a movie about Norris, starring Norris, is beyond me. Maybe Chuck had yet to approve it. Whatever the case, even though this is meant to be a joke, this movie needs to be made...and it needs to be made now!

Now chew on this, who would win in a fight between Chuck Norris and...Chuck Norris?!?!