The internet's latest trend finds it way to Evans School on Evansville's north side as the faculty and a few students geared up for the latest round of ISTEP tests a couple of weeks ago.

While it's not the first video shot in Evansville set to the tune of Pharrell Williams' insanely popular 'Happy' (that distinction, as far as I know, goes to Best Day Ever Evansville), it is a well done version featuring a miniature "Pharrell" rocking a sweet fedora, and several members of the Evans School staff including a close friend of mine who also happened to serve as the best man at my wedding. In the interest of privacy and anonymity, I won't point out which one he is, but trust me when I say he's there.

Titled, ""Happy" for ISTEP", the video was created by Evans' e-Learning Coach, Jeff Thorton as a fun way to get students in the right mindset for the annual standardized test by showing a side of their teachers that might not normally see during a regular school day.

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