Last night, the EVSC met with the school board to vote on a plan of action to make up the snow day for students. We heard from you on how you thought the schools should handle it.


school bus in snow
Photo: Roger Mcclean

The EVSC made their vote last night on how to handle their one remaining snow day - the other 6 days missed have been accounted for - and the decision was made to extend the school day by 1 hour each day for six days beginning Monday, February 24th. The EVSC says that buses will run per usual just an hour later. Their post to social media has sparked quite a bit of conversation. The EVSC wrote:

The EVSC School Board tonight approved adding one hour of instruction at school for six consecutive days to make up the one snow day still remaining. All schools in Indiana are required to be in session 180 days. These additional hours Feb. 24-March 3, will be the equivalent of one school day. If students have work that begins immediately after school they are urged to speak with their employers so that they can remain at school for these six days. This move is not expected to affect athletic events. For students attending schools with alternate calendars, there may also be additional days that will be announced in the near future.


It seems that the replies are a mixed bag with many people supporting the 1 hour extension while others would prefer a day added after Memorial Day. According to the EVSC extending the school year is not an option financially because of the contracts that they have with the teachers.

Yesterday, I asked how you thought the EVSC should handle their remaining snow day, and you were quick to tell me! Check out some of the feedback below.

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