I'm celebrating #ThrowBackThursday a few hours early today by looking back on one of my favorite pieces I've ever contributed to this website.  If you've never read, or even if you have, revisit some of the best, funniest, and most embarrassing stories in the recent history of Evansville, Indiana!


I've lived here in Evansville for almost ten years now.  Just since I've lived here, there have been a handful of times our medium-sized city has been in the national spotlight.  Usually, it's for something less-than-flattering.  Here is a short compilation of some of Evansville's most embarrassing times we've been in the national news.  This is not a complete list, by the way.  What are some other examples of times we've been embarrassed in the national news?  Please leave a comment!


MAN STUCK IN CHIMNEY: This will always be my sentimental favorite on this list.  Not long after I moved to Evansville in 2007 this gem was covered not only on local news affiliates, but even CNN!  And why not?  It truly is the feel-good story of the year - A nearly Shakespearean-like tale about the true power of love   This story about a man getting stuck in a chimney needs to be seen to be believed!  This clip was also featured on an episode of Tru TV's "Top 20 Most Shocking..."  It was in the NUMBER ONE spot!


EVANSVILLE MAN ROBS MCDONALDS OF PARFAITS: An ambitious 'hamburglar' TRIED to steal cash from an Evansville McDonald's (I'm almost positive it was the one on Main St.).  After that proved too difficult, he settled for some parfaits instead.


EVANSVILLE SWAT TEAM RAIDS WRONG HOME: While I'm a big supporter of our boys in blue, and I certainly understand WHY the raid happened (threats to police officers were coming from this IP address, however allegedly from a neighbor), this video has been seen on national news outlets and is on its way to 3 MILLION views on YouTube.  The utterly befuddled old woman and her granddaughter add to the humor.


BABY PLAYS WITH GUN: I remember being live on the air in the KISS-FM studio when Good Morning America reported on the Evansville parents who filmed camera-phone footage of their one-year-old baby playing and teething on a REAL HANDGUN.  The "dad" in the video even makes "BANG" sound effects, encouraging the toddler.  Not Evansville's shining example of great parenting.


OLD MAN THROWS BUCKET OF URINE ON EVANSVILLE BOY: An Evansville man, who allegedly kept a bowl of urine on his balcony for "self defense reasons" reportedly dumped said bowl on an unsuspecting Evansville teen.  Here's Huffington Post's article on the events.  THIS, mind you, is why Kat and I do "It Came From Evansville Watch" every Monday on The Rob's Radio Show.

Evansville Police Department
Evansville Police Department



POLL NAMES EVANSVILLE AMONG THE TOP 10 MOST DIVORCED CITIES: According to the Ladies' Home Journal, Evansville at one time was pretty much the DIVORCE headquarters of the world, placing us in the top THREE cities as for as divorces per person.  More information on that is available HERE.


GALLUP POLL NAMES EVANSVILLE AMERICA'S MOST OBESE CITY: This one is also reportedly from our friends at Gallup.  I remember watching a TV special (I can't remember the show or the station) that referred to Evansville, Indiana as "the epicenter of obesity!"  That lends credibility to this report, conducted by gallop, reported HERE by the Evansville Courier & Press, that called Evansville the FATTEST city in AMERICA!  37.8% of the people in the Evansville metro area are reported to be obese.

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