In honor of Veterans Day, Mission BBQ in Evansville is offering free sandwiches to all veterans and active duty military personnel.

Since opening its doors in 2015 Mission BBQ has made it their, well, "mission" to support not only members of the military, but local law enforcement and first responders through fundraising efforts to benefit the U.S.O. and 911 Gives Hope to name a few.

All veterans and active duty military are welcome to stop by Mission today during regular business hours to take advantage of the free sandwich offer. Those in attendance at Noon will be treated to a live rendition of the National Anthem.

If you've never been to Mission, you're missing out. I highly recommend the Brisket, or the Half-Yard Bird which is half a smoked chicken with a delicious dry rub on the skin. Oh, and get a side of Mac 'N' Cheese, you won't be disappointed.

Visit their website to see the complete menu.

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