If you drove through the streets of Downtown Evansville anytime after 5pm Sunday evening, you may have thought the profecy of a zombie apocolypse had come true. Obviously that wasn't the case, but what was happening was Evansville's first ever zombie walk.

The brain-child (Mmmmm, brains...) of 106-1 KISS-FM sister-station, 103GBF, the zombie walk provided zombie aficienados the opportunity to pose as the walking dead and lurch their way through the streets of Downtown Evansville winding up at the Four Freedoms Monument where they could enjoy live music and a performance by the Evansville Fire Performers.

Costumes ranged from the comical to the grotesque, with the common thread among everyone involved was their love of zombies and the horror movie culture in general. Take a look at the pictures below, but beware, what you are about to see may keep you from getting a good night's sleep.