It Takes a Village No-Kill Animal Rescue has issued a desperate plea for individuals willing and able to foster cats and kittens.

Kitten Season is Here

Kitten season is here. It's the time of year when rescues and shelters all across the country are overrun with litters of stray, abandoned, and unwanted kittens. This influx of kittens results in overpopulation in shelters and in some of them, hard decisions have to be made because of a lack of space.

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Too Many Animals & Not Enough Space

Evansville's own It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue is no different. The rescue announced via social media, that because they are currently overly full with cats and kittens, they have had to stop accepting intakes for the time being.

Unfortunately, we need to make the decision to close our intake until we can move animals out of the ITV Rescue Centers.

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How To Help

You can help It Takes a Village by stepping up to foster. By fostering a cat, kitten, or litter of kittens in your own home, you open up valuable space within the rescue so they can take more animals into their care.

We are overwhelmed with animals right now, cats in particular from kitten season. We are in dire need of kitty caretakers and fosters... can help us by fostering please complete a foster application at

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Other Ways to Help

If you cannot foster, there are other ways that you can help It Takes a Village. You can make a donation of cleaning supplies, cat and kitten food, dog food, cat litter, or money. You also can volunteer your time at the shelter to help clean cages and empty litter boxes. To find out how you can get involved, visit

[Source: It Takes a Village]

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