Reports of scams involving computer problems, back taxes, and the always popular, credit card fraud, have led the EPD to issue a warning through their Facebook page.

The goal of each scam is the same — stealing your money. However, the "pitch" of each are different according to the EPD. Based on the reports they've received from residents who have been targets of this wave of scams, the callers typically have foreign accents of some kind with one claiming to be with Microsoft and alleging your computer has some sort of problem they need to fix remotely. In order to do that, they request your user name and password to log into your computer. Of course, there is no problem with your computer, they just want access to all your files and information like the password to access your online bank account.

The second scam involves a caller claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with a warning that you owe and that if you don't pay immediately, police officers will be sent to your house to arrest you. While the IRS certainly has a reputation that would make that seem like a legitimate call, it is not.

Finally, the third scam being reported involves a caller claiming you made an online purchase using a fraudulent credit card, and asking for money to cover the charges or risk being arrested.

The EPD suggests that if you receive any of these calls, or any call that seems suspicious, hang up immediately and contact your local law enforcement agency to file a report.

The full statement from the EPD reads as follows:

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