I have always considered myself to be a highly observant, critical thinker. In tough situations, I can often find creative, albeit sometimes unusual, solutions using the information and clues that I've been given.

Maybe that's why I have always enjoyed watching shows like CSI and NCIS - even Dexter - on television. I can often pick up on subtle things in the show and predict what is going to happen next or who is responsible for a crime. It has often had me wondered what it is like to be a part of a real-life, crime scene investigation. To have someone counting on you to piece it all together. If you've ever seen NCIS then you are familiar with Pauley Perrette's pale, pigtailed character, Abby Sciuto. She was always my favorite and I always thought I'd make an excellent Abby.

It's that fascination that has me excited to learn that the Evansville Police Department will be hosting a crime scene investigation event in downtown Evansville. CSI: Past and Present Several members of the Evansville Police Department will take part in the event presenting details regarding some of the city's most high-profile cases. The presenters, Evansville Police Detectives Rob Hahn, Peter DeYoung, and Ben Gentry, along with Evansville Attorney Charlie Berger and more will also detail how investigative resources and the techniques they use to solve a case evolve.

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CSI: Past and Present is planned as a bi-annual event with the first one taking place on Thursday, October 21st at the CK Newsome Center beginning at 6:30 pm. The first of the series will highlight one of the city's most high-profile unsolved murders. If you would like to take part in this unique event, tickets are just $25 and are tax-deductible as a donation to the Evansville Police Foundation. To secure your reservation, email jdavies@epdfoundation.org.

[Source: Evansville Police Department via Facebook]

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