It’s not everyday someone from Evansville, IN makes it in a movie or TV show. 

Evansville native Collin Clarke will be featured in the premiere of ‘Born This Way’ on A&E Wednesday with two episodes running 7p to 9p. Although Clarke received recognition for his part in the show, he views it as a way to help others.


According to the Courier & Press, "God made me like this for a reason," he said. "I have an opportunity to help people like me and show them that you can achieve your goals with hard work and dedication."

Clarke is more notable in the tri-state for his role as trainer and body builder at Bob’s Gym North here in Evansville. Previously Clarke has been featured in publications such as People and Men’s Health magazines.

"Born This Way" is a reality show that follows the daily lives of seven adults with Down Syndrome as they face the triumphs and challenges that come their way. Clarke says "I can't wait to see how it turns out," Collin said. "I'm super excited!"


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