Calling all artists. Or doodlers. Or kids. Or anyone who wants to say, "I designed the new Evansville Public Library library card." The EVPL is looking for you to do exactly that.

To celebrate "Library Card Sign-up Month," the EVPL is giving residents the opportunity to have their artwork serve as a limited-edition card in 2022. To enter, download the library card template from the EVPL website, and let your imagination run wild. Once you've created what you think will be an award-winning design, upload your piece, and fill in your contact info through this online form.

Library staff members will sort through and review all the submissions. They'll select several designs from each age group (Children 0-11, Young Adults 12-18, and Adults 18+) and post them to their Facebook page later this year. Then, it will be up to you to decide the winner by voting on the designs you like. The winning designs will be made into actual library cards the library will give to anyone who signs up for one sometime next year.

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We're fortunate to have a great library system here in Evansville with several locations across the city. Each of which not only carries a wide selection of books, but most, if not all, also carry a large collection of CDs and DVDs you can check out. When my kids were younger, we would often check out DVDs for them to watch. I personally am a fan of picking up a few CDs from time to time. I like being able to preview albums, so to speak. It saves me from spending money on an album I may not like.

If you don't have a library card, they're free. All you have to do is stop by your local EVPL branch and sign up.

[Source: EVPL on Facebook]

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