According to Emma Roberts, kissing costar James Franco wasn’t exactly the passionate highlight of her life.

The costars share an intimate scene together in their new film ‘Palo Alto,’ where James plays Emma’s high school teacher. (Slightly strange considering all the underage flack James has been receiving.)

“It wasn’t [awkward], because James is so lovely and he didn’t make it weird,” the 23-year-old told E! News. “It wasn’t weird, but there was definitely a point where you’re like, ‘How much longer until you say cut?’”

Despite the lackluster kissing scene, Emma shared that her friends and family were green with envy over her locking lips with James.

“Everyone [was]!” she said of jealous friends. “Guys, girls, everybody. My mom was asking about it. I’ve never had so many people ask me about a kiss that wasn’t even real in my whole life ever.”

So what’s the deal? Why wasn’t kissing James what we all daydream it to be?

The actress shared, “What people don’t realize is people are always like, ‘Oh, you got to make out with James Franco!’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, and 30 people stood there and watched!’ It’s so not romantic at all.”

Okay, Emma, fair enough. That does sound pretty awkward!