James Franco has taken on the task of bringing to life one of the most epic sagas ever told via Twitter.

With the help of Andrew Neel and Killer Films, Franco will develop a movie based on stripper Aziah “Zola” Wells’ 148-tweet tale. More specifically, the film will be based on David Kushner’s Rolling Stone article titled Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted, which was published back in November and works to tell Zola’s story — minus some of its more salacious embellishments.

Beginning with the tweet, "Okay listen up. This story long. So I met this white bitch at Hooters…" and continuing on with equal parts drama, dark humor and intrigue, Zola’s story first went viral back in October. She detailed, at length, a wild road trip she took with a girl named Jessica, Jessica’s boyfriend Jarrett and Jessica’s pimp named ‘Z.’ Zola has since deleted the tweets, but the story lives on in screen caps, mercifully preserving it in its entirety. Check those out over at Imgur.

The script will be written by Neel and Mike Roberts, with Franco set to produce, direct and star in the screen adaption, according to a report from Deadline. Considering Kushner describes Zola’s tale as reading “like Spring Breakers meets Pulp Fiction, as told by Nicki Minaj,” in his article, Franco’s involvement makes sense.

Franco recently collaborated with Neel and Killer Films on the 2016 movie Goat, a movie based on Brad Land’s memoir of the same name.

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