Evansville and Newburgh residents have the opportunity to dispose of all unneeded, or expired prescription medication with the Indiana State Police and Warrick County Sheriff's Department during the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration's annual National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on April 30th.

There's little doubt we all could dig through our medicine cabinets and find a bottle of expired antibiotics or pain medication that found itself pushed back to the dark corners of the cabinet because we stopped taking them after they did their job making us feel better (even though our doctor clearly stated we need to take them until they were gone to prevent the illness from returning).

But, as helpful as prescription medication can be when used properly, it can be equally as dangerous, or potentially fatal, to others in the household, namely children and pets. Simply tossing them in the trash after they've expired isn't safe, especially if you have a dog that like to get into the trash like I do. Flushing them down the toilet could also cause its share of problems as the dissolving medication can find its way into the water system.

Those reasons, among others, is the reason the DEA created National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The program offers residents in communities across the country (including here in the Tri-State) an opportunity to dispose of those medications with no questions asked.

In Evansville, the Indiana State Police will accept expired medication at their post on Highway 41 North near the intersection of 41 and I-64.

In Warrick County, the Warrick Sheriff's Department will set up shop in the parking lot of CVS on the corner of Highways 66 and 261 in Newburgh.

Drop offs can be made at both locations between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m on Saturday, April 30th.