The decision to build a downtown convention hotel, using public funds to subsidize the project, will come down to a city council vote on Monday.

If that vote were to be taken today, it looks like it would not pass. Five of the nine council members have stated that they will vote no on the Mayor's proposal that the city provide $37.5 million of the $74 million dollars for HCW, a company from Missouri, to build the downtown hotel.

On Wednesdayn Finance Chairman John Friend, D-5th Ward, Vice President Dan Adams, D-At-large and Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, D-3rd Ward, announced that they would join Conor O’Daniel, D-At-large, and Al Lindsey, D-6th Ward in opposing the hotel plan.

Expect a little drama Monday night at the City Council meeting. Tickets are on sale now!