Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke took to Facebook on Monday to make a statement regarding the increase in positive Covid-19 cases across the community and he is urging citizens to be prudent, wear masks and continue social distancing.

Over the last several days, Vanderburgh County has continued to see a sharp increase in the number of positive cases of Covid-19. In his statement, Mayor Winnecke called the increase "a wake-up call." He goes on to say that it is not his intent to shut down the city again but rather is encouraging everyone to "use common sense and adhere to the recommendations that we are all undoubtedly tired of hearing." He goes on to say,

Our recent surge can be attributed to two main areas: at which people are not social distancing or wearing masks, and employees of - .
Our health care providers say it’s clear that you put yourself at a higher risk of contracting the virus by attending events with lots of people, many, or some of whom, are not wearing masks and not social distancing.
Now is the time to think twice about attending receptions, visitations or reunions.
If you have in-person meetings, I highly encourage you to consider making them virtual events for the foreseeable future.
Mayor Winnecke is encouraging anyone with loved ones in one of the community's long-term care facilities to adhere the rules and guidelines set forth by those facilities. He also makes note in his statement the lack of mask wearing and social distancing at youth athletic events. You can read his full statement here and watch the video below.
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