Every week we get to meet an awesome pet from the Warrick Humane Society, and typically that animal is a dog. While we love meeting all the puppers, it's important to remember that the Warrick Humane Society has plenty of furry felines that are also looking for a FURever home. 

When we take our monthly visit to the humane society, I always make sure to pop in the cat room before I leave and say hello to all the pretty kitties. I consider myself a "cat person" first and foremost, although I do have a dog that I'm completely obsessed with.

Often times when you think of animals in a shelter, you picture poor puppies sitting behind bars and whining for a better life. While that is completely true, there are cats and kittens that have stories that are as equally heartbreaking.

So, I wanted to take a minute to show you all the beautiful cats that are currently at the Warrick Humane Society. Each of these beautiful creatures is ready for adoption and would make the perfect pet for anyone! Although I didn't catch all of their names, I can tell you enough about each one.


This beautiful burst of sunshine greeted me the second I walked in the door. He is a big sweetheart and loves to lounge around. He was rubbing up against other cats, so he'd make a good pal if you already have a cat at home. He isn't shy and takes no time warming up to you!


I couldn't get enough of this beautiful baby! I mean, LOOK AT HIM! He's a Siamese, but far from shy. He was weaving between my feet the entire time I was walking around the room. He made sure I knew he was there and was super lovable!


This little mama was hiding from me at first, so I initially assumed she was shy. Turns out she just likes to kick back and relax. She's very sweet and enjoys napping (don't we all!) Once I got her out of her nap house, she came right up to me and demanded to be pet. Since I woke her up, I owed her a good head scratchin'.


Up next we have this diva! While she didn't seem to care for the other cats, she was very sweet to me. I think it's safe to say she'd be better off as an "only child". She reminds me of my old cat - fat and sassy. There's nothing wrong with that!


Lastly, there's Brenda. O-M-G. I wasn't going to mention Brenda at all because I want her for myself, but I'm about to have a kid, so getting another pet doesn't seem like a smart move at the moment. Brenda is SO SWEET. The second I met her, she was all over me. She loves to be held and scratched and loved on. She's like a noodle! You pet her and she immediately melts into your hand. Please go see Brenda before I steal her!

There's your dose of adorable kitties! They're all up-to-date on shots and medications and are ready for their FURever homes. Go see these beauties and more at the Warrick Humane Society!

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