We asked which Disney movie you preferred: Frozen or Toy Story because we recently found out that those two are the highest grossing animated movies. In case you need help deciding, here are both of the original trailer:


There's no question in my mind, I'm on Team Toy Story. Of course the movie comes from my childhood, which will only help its case. I remember seeing the original movie in the theater multiple times, and I still have my original VHS copy from the movie's first release. I know people adore Frozen's music, but to me I prefer the Randy Newman songs on Toy Story's soundtrack... Think "You've Got a Friend in Me." Frozen is a GREAT movie, although to me it's doesn't quite live up to all of the hype and I'm pretty surprised that it's the HIGHEST GROSSING animated film of all-time. Don't consider that me hating on Frozen, I liked Frozen... It's just no Toy Story to me.

Kat Mykals

I have to say that Frozen is a far better movie than Toy Story. Frozen is charming. It has singing and dancing. It's sweet. I love everything about it. While I think Toy Story was funny, I don't think it has the total package that Frozen offers.


I have not seen either of these Disney movies - I know, shocking. But, I have attempted to watch Toy Story, and for some reason, I hated it. So my vote is going to Frozen.


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