Over the past few days, the Christmas song "Baby it's Cold Outside" has come under a lot of scrutiny.  Despite being written by a man for his wife over 74 years ago in 1944, and being a true staple in the world of Christmas music, the song's lyrics could potentially be giving a message of date rape and affection without consent.  Because it's 2018 and everybody is looking for reasons to be upset, some people want the song banned from radio airwaves completely, which has actually led to some American Christmas music stations to actually drop the song.


This morning, Maddie, Liberty, and The Rob all shared the opinion that, while we see the controversy...  Maybe people should just loosen up a little and enjoy the season.  We also put the question on our Facebook page as a poll.  The poll received a great deal of feedback.  Do KISS listeners agree with Rob, Maddie, and Liberty?

The short answer is YES, they do agree with us.  By a margin of (currently) 96% to 4%, KISS listeners do NOT want "Baby it's Cold Outside" removed from the radio airwaves!


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