A month or two ago, a dad made headlines nationwide by shooting his daughters laptop with a handgun as punishment for something she posted on Facebook that he clearly didn't approve of. Shortly thereafter, another father, upset that his son preferred "acting the fool" instead of paying attention in class which resulted in failing grades, forced him to wear a sign on the corner of a busy intersection in Florida as punishment. Now a dad in Denver, possibly inspired by the other stories, punished his son for stealing by having HIS son stand on a street corner with a sign. But did he go too far?

In a story on Yahoo! News, via the Denver Post, Joseph Gonzalez found out his son, Jose, had stolen $100 from a cousin. Being what I believe to be a good parent, Joseph decided that Jose would stand on a busy Denver street corner holding a sign that read, "I Am a Thief, I Took Money from a Family Member, Don't Give Me Money." Here's the complete story straight from Joseph's mouth.

Now here's my problem with the punishment. Notice that Joseph said his son would stand there for five hours one day and the ENTIRE next day! Does that mean 8am-5pm or does that mean another five hour shift? Either way, I personally think one five hour shift was plenty to get the point across, but maybe I'm just too soft. What do you think?