Meet Nathan, Demi Lovato's biggest — and now happiest — fan. Nathan is a self-proclaimed "Lovatic" who got the surprise of his life when he got to meet Demi, tell her why she means so much to him and even pose for a photo with the singer.

The Huffington Post shared a video of the exchange. It all started when Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O asked Nathan to record a fan video for the star. As you'd expect, Nathan had absolutely no problem discussing why he loves Demi so much.

“I am a better person for being a fan of hers," he said. "She’s all about owning your insecurities, loving yourself and just, you know, being who you are." Nathan also spoke out about seeing his idol in concert, saying "she was amazing. She took me to church, made me believe it and slayed us all."

Demi walked out at that point. "You're so sweet, thank you," she told her fan.

Nathan completely freaked out when he saw her — which is pretty understandable, because coming face to face with Demi Lovato is kind of a big deal.

"You are the most... You are so gorgeous," Nathan said to Demi. The two shared a long hug and it was basically the sweetest thing ever. Nathan shared a few more sweet words with the singer, and we have to say, if anyone deserves this sort of praise, it's Demi. The singer is so talented and stands for such a beautiful message of self-acceptance and love. It's wonderful to see someone like her getting the praise she deserves.

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