For only the second time in front of a live audience and for the first time on network TV, Demi Lovato performed her new single Skyscraper last night on America's Got Talent. Looking as gorgeous as ever (hey, she's 19 so I can say that), Lovato belted out a powerful performance that brought chills to my skin.

Dressed in mostly black, Demi started the performance sitting atop a literal pile of junk that our sister-site, assumes represented the mess her life had become over the last several months (I've never been good at analyzing what an artist is trying to represent through imagery, so we'll go with their assumption). As the tempo began to build after the first verse, Demi made her way down off the pile to the front of the stage. As she stepped away, pyrotechnics kicked in around the pile to signify, what I assume meant, that she has put her troubled past behind her and was ready to move on with her life.

Lovato has said in recent interviews that while she did not write Skyscraper (Jessie J. gets the credit for that), she was drawn to the song because she felt that it was a true representation of her feelings as her life spirialed out of control earlier in the year with the revelation that she had issues with cutting herself.

No doubt this song serves as an anthem for other young women who struggle with finding their place in the world and Lovato performs it with impressive passion. I wonder though, is it possible that her recent struggles has actually made her a bigger star? America has always enjoyed a good comeback story. What do you think?

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