President Obama's recent announcement that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by US operatives in Pakistan prompted happy cheers and a giant, collaborative sigh of relief from citizens around the world. After five minutes of celebration, though, came demands for photographic or video proof that our nation's nemesis was actually dead.

The Obama administration decided against revealing any photographs, which led to an uproar. Now, deep-sea treasure diver Bill Warren has vowed to recover the body of Osama bin Laden so he can give the people what they want: proof he's truly dead.

Warren, a 59-year-old veteran diver who's found more than 200 undersea wrecks, will comb the floor of the Arabian sea until he finds the terrorist's body. He'll use expensive, technologically advanced equipment to locate the body. Once it's found, he'll take photographs and complete a DNA test.

Warren told the New York Post he's doing it because he's a "patriotic American who wants to know the truth."

Video of Warren Diving in Bahamas

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