Live in Indiana, and tired of getting calls during dinner (or anytime for that matter) looking to sell you lower rates on your credit card or insurance? The window to put an end to those calls and get your name on the state's 'Do Not Call' list closes on Tuesday.

The calls aren't limited to just the aforementioned telemarketers. According to the Evansville Courier and Press, current "scams" include offering a free home security system to the caller after FBI records show an increase in home invasions in their neighborhood, and the always popular, "you've won a large sum of money, all you need to do to claim it is pay a small fee."

It should be noted that adding your name to the list does not stop all solicitation. There are a few entities that are allowed to call regardless of whether or not your phone number is registered. According to the Indiana Attorney General's office, those solicitors include charitable organizations, newspapers, and licensed insurance and real estate agents.

Visit the Indiana Attorney General's website to add your phone number(s) to the list, and while you're at it, it probably wouldn't hurt to add those same numbers to the national Do Not Call registry.

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