It's been a well known fact for some time that obesity is a growing problem (pun sort of intended) in this country, with Evansville in particular being named America's Fattest City back in 2011. It's an issue we continue to deal with every day and one that Deaconess Hospital will address during their next Men's Health Series seminar, "Weight Loss Solutions."

While I don't consider myself "obese", I know that despite being 6'3", weighing-in at 230 pounds puts me in the "overweight" category (although according the Centers for Disease Control's Body Mass Index calculator, I'm getting dangerously close to that obese category). Getting older and continuing to eat whatever I want because it tastes good, despite the fact it's loaded with fat and calories, while doing little to no exercise isn't helping.

Unhealthy weight can lead to serious health problems including high blood pressure (which already runs in my family), diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. While I know that in my case, eating healthier and doing a little exercise a few times a week will more than likely take care of the problem, it's not that easy for some men.

Tuesday's semiar, "Weight Loss Solutions" inside Johnson Hall on Deaconess Hospital's downtown campus will offer men struggling with weight a variety of options, both surgical and non-surgical, for dropping the pounds and living a healthier life.

The seminar begins at 6pm with dinner from Subway served at 5pm, and everyone who attends will be in the running to score a pair of Indianapolis Colts tickets. To register, call 450-7000.

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