So Ellen DeGeneres started this thing on her show called 'Ellen's Dance Dare' and it's where she dared her viewers to go to random places and dance behind unsuspecting people without them knowing, and having someone film it.  Well last week my mom turned the big....dun dun dunnnnn 5-0 (But she just says that it's the 10th anniversary of her 40th birthday) and recently we had a surprise party for her, and we took Ellen's Dance Dare to the best place ever the dance bomb people...Stoney's dance floor.


After surprising my mom, and more people were out on the dance floor, Big  Boy showed up, and we decided to take Ellen's dance dare.  Challenge accepted Ellen. Now firstly I'd like to apologize for the quality of these videos, they were taken on my phone so the sound is pretty distorted, and secondly I'm sorry it's so dark! (if you want to see some hilarious dance dares, check out this one of some girls in a mall and they get down! or this one of a guy in a Wal Mart, who not only dances, but also "Tebows" at random)  Would you like to see some more videos like this? Maybe a better quality dance dare? Leave a comment below!
In this video I "dance bomb" Big Boy, some people got in my way, but you can kinda see me jumping behind him!

We saw this "train" of random people and my mom decided to dance behind them unsuspectingly! haha


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