Mary Daniel is celebrating a huge milestone in her life today. She turns 101 years old today and her family is asking everyone to send her a letter or card to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Here grandson Lance sent told us about Mary's life;

She was one of 5 children, raised by a single mother during the depression (her father died while she was very young).
She went to grade school in a 1 room schoolhouse.   When the teacher was working with other students, she taught herself to say the alphabet backwards, using the cards posted on the walls of the classroom.  She can still say the alphabet backwards.
Education was important to her. Although she missed one year of high school due to lack of transportation, she graduated in 3 years and was valedictorian of her class. (There were no school buses back then to provide transportation.)
She was the only one in her family who got the opportunity to attend college.   She graduated from Western Kentucky Teachers College with a degree in home economics.   She loved to entertain family and friends.
She married JW Daniel 2 weeks after he returned from WWII.   JW taught her to drive.
After her 3rd child was old enough to go to school, she went back to college and got her certification to teach elementary grades.   She taught 5th grade until her retirement and loved it.
She & JW loved to travel and visited 48 states. They once took a 5-week vacation with their children and traveled to all of the western states.   They attended the shuttle launch every time her nephew, Terry Willcutt, traveled into space.
She and JW were married 63 years.
Family has always been an important part of her life.   She has 3 children, 3 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, and 1great great-grandchild. She has always been close to her nieces and nephews.

Mary has been a lifelong Christian and a member of Lewis Lane Baptist Church here in Owensboro and has touched the lives of all those who have known her.

Lance Games
Five Generations in one picture
Lance Games
Mrs. Mary Daniel

She has touched SOOO many lives and is loved by all who have known her!

Some of the notable events during her lifetime:
18 Presidents in her lifetime
Moon Landing
Indoor Plumbing
Production of Automobiles
Telephones (Rotary to Cordless, and Party-Lines)
Movies (from Silent to Talkies)
Cell Phones (When she was 96, she asked for an iPhone to see pics of the Great Grands)
Sliced Bread


Mrs Daniel
PO Box 22973
Owensboro, KY 42304

Mary's family says "Please share far and wide we want her to get tons of cards!"

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