Since abruptly shutting the doors permanently in 2014, the building that was home to Steak 'N Shake on Evansville's west side has sat vacant. However, that may soon change as the parent company of Culver's Restaurant has submitted an application with the state to take over the space.

The Facebook page, Evansville 411 was the first to report the application Tuesday afternoon.

According to the application on the Indiana Department of Homeland Security's Project Activity page, EVVCR Properties, LLC submitted the paperwork to construct a new building on the property opposed to using the existing structure.

Culver's has done quite well since opening their lone location on the corner of Burkhardt Road and Maxwell Avenue on the city's east side a number of years ago. Their claim to fame is both their "butterburgers" and their frozen custard.

The application submitted to the state does not mention a start or completion date for the project.

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