So, imagine that you are taking a photo of your family in a rumored haunted location. There is nothing, that you know of, that is scary, creepy, or unexplainable lurking around. But, when you look at the photo, you see something that gives you chills. It wasn't there before, but now it is, right there in front of you.

We see this kind of strange happening all over social media. It seems to happen quite a bit.

I've had it happen to me. The floating orb appeared in a photo that was taken of me, right after my mom passed away. It was our first yearly family trip to French Lick Resort without her. One of her favorite places at the resort is the wrap-around front porch attached to the front of the French Lick Springs Hotel and Casino. The hotel has rocking chairs and sitting areas to relax on the veranda. Mom used to love to take whatever book she was reading at the time, sit in a rocking chair with a glass of wine and leave the rest of the world behind.

The minute I stepped onto the beautiful porch, I couldn't help but think of her. My sister and I sat down in the rocking chairs and shared memories of mom at the hotel. We had been going there since I was 17. After my sister got us a couple of drinks and walked back toward where we were sitting, she took a photo of me sitting in a rocking chair. Later when we looked at the photo, there it was. A white orb, which some say is how ghosts sometimes appear in photos, was in the photo.

White orbs seem peaceful and angelic though, right? What an Ohio woman saw in a photo she had taken of her family is anything BUT heavenly. It is utterly frightening. The woman's sister, Jennifer, posted the photo on Facebook, and this was in the status.

My sister and her family went hiking in a cave in Ohio today at Nelsons ledges. The cave was called Devils Icebox. Does anyone else see some creepy image behind my Brother in Law walking in the cave with his family? And no nothing was photoshopped or edited. -  Jennifer Albaugh-Judson

Here is the terrifying photo that looks like a scene from a horror film. I see several scary images in the photo. Keep in mind there are only two real people in the photo. Yikes.

Jennifer Albaugh-Judson/Facebook

Let's look a little closer at the face behind the second man. Many on Facebook think this image looks a little too real. But, Jennifer says no photoshop was done and the photo was in no way altered. What do you think?

Jennifer Albaugh-Judson/Facebook

I find the other image, that appeared in the photo, just as chilling. What do you see?

Jennifer Albaugh-Judson/Facebook

I have said this before, and I will say it again. We all see things in life differently. Much of what we experience and see is determined by how open we are to the idea of the paranormal. Whatever you think of the legitimacy of this photo, or any other, keep an open mind and respect those who see something you might not see.

If you ever take a photo or video and see something strange after you take it, send it to me HERE. I would love to see it. You know I love everything to do with the paranormal.

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