The stars of the 90s show Boy Meets World reunited for a romantic comedy commercial.

Growing up, one of my favorite shows to watch was Boy Meets World. I know that I am not alone in saying that I learned so many life lessons from Cory, Shawn, Eric, Topanga, and Mr. Feeny (Insert Eric's "Feeny" call here). The show started in 1993 and ended in 2000. So it was on the majority of my childhood. The show became even more relevant to me in my teenage years when it was in syndication. The show saw new life when Disney released Girl Meets World, but it just never had that same appeal that the original series did.

Once Girl Meets World was canceled, everyone thought that they had seen the last of Cory and Topanga. However, thanks to Panera, that isn't the case. Actors Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel recently reunited for a new Panera commercial to promote their new flatbread pizzas for Valentine's Day.

The new commercial follows two old flames who reconnect as a result of Panera’s new flatbread pizzas. The commercial is set up to pay tribute to a few popular romantic comedy movies such as Pretty WomanSixteen Candles, Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally.

Savage and Fishel did an exclusive interview with Us Weekly about reuniting for this commercial. You can read more on that by clicking here. One cool thing that I read while reading that article was that the commercial itself was directed by another person that has ties to the Boy Meets World family. Fred Savage, the older brother of Ben Savage, and the star of The Wonder Years, Little Monsters, The Princess Bride, and several other films in the late 80s and early 90s directed the commercial. Fred also appeared on an episode of Boy Meets World where he played a college professor who was trying to hit on Topanga. That ended in Cory almost getting expelled for throwing hands with the inappropriate professor.

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I have rambled on long enough here. By now, you're probably just ready to see the commercial for yourself. So I will digress and let you watch the commercial below.

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