Earlier in the year, we reported that Sam Featherstone, a young man who lived in Newburgh, IN, was hosting a fundraiser to aid in research for pediatric brain cancer. It was only a few days later that Sam passed away from a brain tumor after his three-year battle with the disease.

Sam took a hopeless situation and turned it into good. He wanted to make sure other kids didn’t have to go through what he went through. Sam raised over $200,000 leaving a legacy of hope. In his own words, "We all have the capability to make a difference in this world; we just have to be bold enough to do so.”

Each year, CNN Photography section highlights celebrities, sports figures and other high profile people who we have lost throughout the past year. Now, CNN iReport is recognizing the passing of "ordinary" people who have made an impact on the world and Sam is one of those people.

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