Earlier today, Bobby and I took a little walk down Main Street. The giant decorations on the arch were going up, and the nutcracker soldiers were standing at attention.

We also stopped at the new photo spot 'Christmas Tree Lot', it's super cute! This is just a little sprinkle of Christmas to welcome families to Downtown Evansville this weekend. Not only is it the 4th Annual Holiday Open House, Santa's Mailbox will be unveiled. This is a huge deal!

If your kiddos have not written a letter for Good 'ole St. Nick yet, it's ok there will be opportunities to write one tomorrow, Saturday, November 6, 2021, at 1:00 PM.


The DOWNTOWN EVANSVILLE – Economic Improvement District (EID) is hosting a media event to celebrate the unveiling of Santa’s Mailbox Presented by Edward Jones Jim Back, CFP ® Financial Advisor at the corner of Main at Third Streets in Downtown Evansville. This event is scheduled for Saturday, November 6 at 1:00 p.m. CST. Children in attendance will be able to write their letters to Santa and place them in the mailbox. The EID is providing stationary, envelopes (including a return address envelope), and individual pencils for children.


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How to Take Professional Quality Photos with Your Phone

About eight years ago, when my daughter was really little, I asked for a fancy camera from my husband. I never buy anything for myself and he always spoils me when it comes to gifts so I did hours and hours of research and finally picked what I wanted - a SONY A37 DSLR. You pretty much can't buy it anywhere now but at the time, it was perfect for me. I mostly took photos and video of my family but once in a while I was asked to photograph a wedding or senior photos. I'd always start with - I'm not a professional photographer. If you want professional - HIRE a professional.

Fast forward to 2021, and now I have a fancy phone that has a fantastic camera built-in. Now, my advice is still IF YOU WANT PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL but if you can't afford one or want a couple of basic fall pics of your kiddo or family, here are some tips I picked up from classes I've taken along the way.

Skateboarding is Illegal in these Downtown Evansville Locations

If you love to skateboard, you need to know that there are some locations where it is actually illegal to boardslide or bonk. Every violation could cost $25, and if the offender is under 18, parents get to pay the ticket.

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