On the brink of releasing a not-so-well reviewed upcoming Double CD, Chris Brown has decided to end a bitter Twitter battle (say that five times fast) with fellow hit maker Raz-B  (formerly of B2K)!

It started when Chris B took offense to comments made by Raz-B concerning his rocky ( as in Balboa) relationship and subsequent breakup with Umbrella singer Rihanna.  Brown fired back with a low blow attacking Raz's claim of sexual abuse saying:

"Tell me this... Why when the money was coming in u won't complaining (sic) about getting bu**plugged!"

Mind you that all of this back-and-forth banter took place on TWITTER! The two finally decided to squash the beef with mutually issued apologetic statements after Raz-B called Brown a homophobe, a claim that Brown immediately denied.

Is that what the world of music beef has come to - a bunch of Twitter-ing cyber-bullies? Reach down to check to see if you still have a pair fellas!

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