In this universe, cover sheets for the TPS reports are only a figment of your imagination.

About a year or so ago, I decided it was time to give up the DVD collection. It wasn't anything extensive, 15-20 discs or so, and I never watched the DVD's more than once so I figured instead of letting them continue to collect dust and take up space in the corner of my basement, I'd try and make a little money out of them by selling them to a local "buy, sell, or trade" place here in Evansville. Two of those DVD's were Office Space and The Matrix.

The movies couldn't be more unrelated to each other. One revolves around a group of office drones who hatch a plan to extort money from the company they work for after spending years knocking out reports and other stereotypical tasks associated with cubicle-dwellers with a subplot centered around a guy wondering who keeps borrowing his stapler.

The plot of the other focuses on the idea that the reality we live in is nothing more than an alternate universe created by some kind of highly sophisticated computer that can only be stopped by a guy deemed "the chosen one", played by a guy who has the intelligence of a stapler.

The vast difference in plots is what makes this (and frankly any mash up) work so well. YouTube user Aksel Dog, seamlessly transitions between the scene in Matrix in which Keanu Reeves character, Neo, is first contacted and the scene in Office Space where Gary Cole's character, Lumbergh enters the cubicle area looking for a reason why the infamous cover sheet was left off the fictional TPS report.

The scenes blend so well, it appears as if Neo is trying to hide from Lumbergh. Check this out.

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