On Saturday I took a trip to New Harmony with my great friend Nikki to check out the Annual Golden Raintree Antique Show & Sale, and some of the things I found were too good not to share with you!

Cool Antique Surveyor's Tool (Photo: Kat Mykals)

I piled in the car Saturday morning with Nikki and we headed off to New Harmony for the 13th Annual Golden Raintree Auntique Show and Sale. Fun Kat Mykals Fact: I have a fascination with vintage, retro and antique things. Some of my favorite random things that I always find myself drawn to in an antique shop are linens - towels, table clothes, napkins and old handkerchiefs. As we were walking around the blocks long sale, I was taken aback by numerous wonderful old things, like the antique surveyor's tool pictured above. Take a look at some of the other really awesome treasures that I stumbled across while we were there!

Jar of Antique Marbles (Photo: Kat Mykals)

I really can't tell you why exactly a jar of vintage marbles is so fascinating to me, but it is. Look at all those colors! Isn't it beautiful?

Possibly the world's largest Harmonica (Photo: Kat Mykals)

This picture really does not do the size of this harmonica justice! This thing was H-U-G-E! In fact, if you look just behind it, right by the red, white & blue stripe, that is a harmonica that is the size we typically think of when we think of a harmonica.

Type Writer
Vintage Smith - Corona Typewriter (Photo: Kat Mykals)

The Smith - Corona typewriter was a cool find, because that sucker is turquoise! How can you not love that? And it was a total steal, marked at only $15. Somehow, I am counting myself lucky that I am not typing this for you on one of those... but it is very cool, non-the-less.

Table & Chairs
Mid Century Modern Formica Table & Vinyl Chairs (Photo: Kat Mykals)

The mid century modern (MCM) formica table & chairs got me really excited. Remember that strange fascination that I mentioned earlier with vintage handkerchiefs? Take that fascination & multiply it by a million and that's almost how obsessed I am with anything that is MCM and belongs in the kitchen! Want to see me giddy with excitement? Show me some MCM "Atomic" dishes, glasses or teacups!

Cosco Stool
Mid Century Modern Cosco Step Stool (Photo: Kat Mykals)

And last, but definitely not least is this beauty! A vintage, 1950's Cosco stool. This is my absolute most favorite find at the antique show. My grandmother had one of these in her kitchen. It is the perfect place to sit and watch Grandma bake cookies, and when you're a small human (you know, just a kid) the fold out steps make it super easy to climb up onto the vinyl perch. I let out a little squeal when I spotted this!

The Golden Raintree Antique Show & Sale is an annual event, and I will definitely be going back next summer to check out all of the great antiques! In the meantime, you may spot me at the local antique stores. I think I really need some more MCM retro in my life!

♥ Kat

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