I have officially been quarantined to my house for three weeks now. Let's just say, I volunteered as tribute to pick up our Walmart grocery pick up order yesterday. I have no where I need to go so I am here at home - with my seven-year-old daughter and we are spending SO MUCH QUALITY TIME TOGETHER!!!!!

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging through our country, most churches have made the decision to host services online. In fact, only a couple are still hosting in-person services even after multiple healthcare and government officials have made it very clear that the virus spreads quickly and easily through large groups of people.

One local church has also been hosting online services like so many others but they have announced today that they'll be doing something a little different for Easter.

We all love a good drive-in movie but how would you feel about drive-in church? A handful of other churches around the country have tried it and it seems to be going well. People drive up to the church - park - and the never get out of their cars. They listen to the service thru their radios.

Pastor Brian DeTalente made it clear that no one was allowed to leave their cars to comply with social distancing guidelines. He also encouraged parents to bring a phone or tablet with headphones for their kids to watch the livestreamed kids service.


I don't know about you but I am SO READY TO HAVE A REASON TO GO SOMEWHERE!

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