I don't know if I can think of a more perfect food/food group. Whenever I'm hungry, no matter what time of day, I know that a bowl of cereal will always hit the spot. I can't say that about any other kind of food. I love burgers and tacos and pizza, but I can't eat them everyday, and I can't eat them at 5am. If my tummy is ever not feeling quite right and nothing really sounds good to eat, I know I can turn to the loving arms of my old friend cereal.

I'm also kind of particular (anal) about my cereal boxes and the bags of cereal within. I like the bags to be closed up neatly after each use and the boxes need to be closed up properly. Sometimes, either through shabby craftsmanship, or because of my knucklehead family, the boxes are not closed or they do not stay closed. That's a problem for me. But I have found the solution, and I'm sharing this simple life hack with the video below. You're welcome! And believe me when I say that if I can do it, anyone can do it. The excitement and surprise you see and hear is 100% legit.

Now to further illustrate my love for cereal, I want to show off my glorious cereal collection. I'm not gonna lie, it's impressive, even by my standards. So please, scroll, and be jealous!

Even Seinfeld Would Be Jealous of This Cereal Collection

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