I'm not a huge fan of Jimmy Kimmel's show, but he comes up with some really good comedy bits. For example, this one!

As the station manager (and staff member in general for the last eight years), I've dealt with my fair share of nasty e-mails, Facebook posts, tweets, and message board posts from people who are either upset by something they heard on the station, or just don't like something about the station for whatever reason. Regardless of how many I've seen, I'm still surprised from time to time by what people will write when hiding behind a keyboard and a monitor. If there's anything the internet has done, it's that people are way more open with their thoughts about other people (who they've never met in most cases) when they're not standing face to face with them.

Obviously celebrities and other public figures get the worst of it as people have no problem bashing on a performer based solely on their body of work. Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to take such negativity and turn it into something funny.

During Tuesday night's monologue, Kimmel debuted a new feature in which he lets the celebrities who are the targets of "mean tweets" read them out loud for the camera. While most of them seem to have fun with the bit, former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc seems to be a bit bothered by the criticism.

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