It is National Rescue Dog Day and I have four (yes, four) reasons to celebrate.  Kevin and I are the proud owners of four rescues.  Dolly, Ellie and Yogi are all rescued Bichon Frises.  Simon is a Cairn Terrier.  And they are NUTS!

I always give Angel grief for having a house full of kids, but, honestly, I do too.  Each of these dogs has a very distinct personality and is high maintenance in his or her own way.

Dolly is most-behaved and most devoted to me. She is my shadow. Sweet, lovable, but a bit of a drama queen.  She hates thunderstorms, doesn't like to be held and freaks out of she hears a smoke detector chirp.  But I can't imagine my day without her by my side at some point.  If I work from home, like right now as I'm typing this, she's underneath my feet at the dining room table.  If I am watching TV, she's in the chair with me, sitting to my left with her paws on my left leg.  I am her person.

Ellie is, well, awful.  She doesn't like strangers.  She's bossy.  She literally will stand, stare at you and bark incessantly until you give her a treat (whether she's earned one or not).  We always joke around that she is "Kevin's dog."  Well, the truth is they share a personality.  LOL!  That said, about two to three times a week she decides that she needs what we call "Daddy Time."  She will come over to where I am sitting, jump into my lap and demand that I pet her until she's ready to get down.  And I mean it.  It's all on HER terms.

Yogi is hilarious.  He is always smiling and is so playful.  He is also, how do I put this gently, uniquely gifted anatomically.  Let's just say, it's a startling study in proportions. LOL!  However, Yogi (or "Boo Boo" as I sometimes call him) is territorial to a fault.  He does NOT like other men.  He will turn on the charm when he sees a female, but he turns on the turbo blaster 'tude if he sees a guy.  And he turns into Cujo when he hears the neighbors' dogs.

Simon is absolutely adorable.  He is so tenderhearted and timid.  He gives the absolute best hugs.  He will run to your chest, put his paws on your shoulders and burrow his head into your neck.  He is so sweet!  But he is also insanely frustrating and irritating.  Why?  Because he is STUBBORN with a capital STUBBORN!  And, despite his size and adorable little face, he's not nearly as cute when he's killing animals in the backyard and their bloody corpses are hanging out of his mouth.  He's quite the skilled little hunter.  In the last few weeks, he's killed baby rabbits, a bird and, yes, a possum!

If you have a rescue, we want to see their pics today too.  Please share them on the WBKR Facebook page.  We want to see a pic and a story about yours!  Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

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