Did you manage to get through another workday without punching a hole in the wall? Maybe the dog made it through the day without chewing up another pair of your pants you left laying on the bathroom floor (I may or may not be speaking from experience). The point is, you don't need to wait for a big occasion like a birthday to celebrate when there's $1.00 margaritas happening at every Applebee's in the Tri-State all month long!

The drink special is part of the restaurant chain's "Neighborhood Appreciation Month" campaign, and applies to margaritas on the rocks only (which I sometimes prefer over frozen — less chance of brain freeze).

The deal is available all day, err-day through the end of October at both Evansville locations, as well as the Henderson, Owensboro, Princeton, Vincennes, and Jasper locations. So go, celebrate the little things!

[Source: Applebee's]

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