How would you fare if you were dropped on a deserted island with nothing but your own instincts to survive? Would you crawl into a hole and hope someone finds you? Or would you take the initiative of finding a way off the island on your own? A "major television network" is looking for people like you to answer those questions and more on a new reality show called, The Search.

My first thought when I found out about this show was, "Isn't this the same thing as Survivor?" It seems the answer is a little, "yes," and a little, "no."

From what I can gather off the online casting application, the show is a little Survivor-esque in that contestants are sent to a remote location and stripped of all modern technologies and conveniences, forced to survive using only their surroundings and primal instincts. However, it doesn't appear contestants are grouped into teams before the competition starts like the a-la Survivor. It seems to me everyone is literally dumped on a deserted island and left to figure things out. Whether you decide to take on the challenge solo, or search for others to form partnerships is completely up to you.

As with most reality TV, producers are looking for people that have interesting backstories, or are going through, or have recently been through, a life-changing event. This essentially means people like me who have been happily married to their college girlfriend for nearly 15 years, have two great kids,has worked in the profession they went to college for for nearly 20 years, and generally has a pretty good life, need not apply. We're too boring.

Of course I could be completely wrong. We may be exactly the people their looking for. However, from what I can tell from most reality competitions I've seen, the tragic backstory is the more desirable option. Apparently, the "chance for redemption" makes for great TV, giving the viewer someone to pull for, or whatever.

For more info on the show, and to see if you're the type of person the show is looking for, check out the online application through the Casting Crane website.

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