2020 has seemed like it has gone on FOREVER, doesn't it? And it also feels like it might never end... but it will. And we'll all look back and laugh, right? RIGHT? I sure hope so. Sometimes I look back at the memories from my phone or Facebook page and it hits me that time flies by. The days are long but the years are short.

It was five years ago this summer that we hosted the Lip Sing Battle at Boogie Nights. We had a GREAT night - so much fun. And after that night, I had to look up our winner Esther on Facebook and become friends with her. She was just so... fabulous!

Esther sang Tricia Yearwood's classic love ballad "How Do I Live (Without You)" to her oxygen tank. She did have steep competition though. We caught a good amount of it on film. In all honesty, she was the one who posted her video on Facebook and reminded me five years of my life had gone by since then... Thanks E!

Here are some photos that I took from the floor down front. If yours sucks, look I'm sorry! I had a giant drag queen almost step on me to use her prop cocaine and I had no idea what was going on and it freaked me out! Patience Eau Claire is a lovely performer - I just got thrown off my game AND I had a terrible vantage point, OK? Got photos from that summer? Share them with us!

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Lip Sing Battle

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