Having children is job. And just like every other job on the planet, it comes with its own specific set of frustrations that only others in that field can, and will, understand.

Despite their adorable exteriors, sometimes kids can just be the worst humans on the planet. Ask any parent and you'll likely get the same story; when the pregnancy test came back positive, there was a rush of emotions, initially excitement and happiness (assuming their life plan included reproducing), followed by intense fear once the reality set in that you will be responsible for keeping another person alive.

Parents will also tell you that once the initial shock (for lack of a better word) passes, you spend the next nine months with a heightened sense of how other people's children behave. Friend's kids, stranger's kids out in public, nieces, nephews, whoever. If they require adult supervision, you're observing. Specifically, you're taking note of the bad behavior, and saying, "My kid will NEVER act that way."

Then you officially become a parent yourself, and you quickly realize that is a lie.

Long story short, kids can be turds. They're demanding, needy, and can ruin a perfectly good dinner out in the blink of eye by throwing a tantrum over the absolute tiniest thing like not getting a blue crayon with their kids menu.

Don't get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things these inexpiable fits of rage are a minor part of life as a parent. Speaking from personal experience only, my kids are pretty well behaved and fun to be around the majority of the time. But nobody wants to hear about that. Call it the "misery loves company" mentality if you will. If we're not happy, then no one else deserves to be either, so we seek comfort in friends, family, or complete strangers who can sympathize with our parental plight. There's a weird sense of calm knowing there are others dealing with the same issues.

That's what makes the video below so brilliant. It says what we're all thinking, and sets it to the beat of one of the most popular, yet dumbest songs of the year.

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