In what will surely be seen as good news to some, and devastating news to others (like The Rob), the official video for “Friday” by Rebecca Black has been removed from Youtube after racking up over 68 MILLION views.  The song, while catchy, became a polarizing topic of contention amongst music fans young and old.

“This is terrible news,” KISS-FM radio personality The Rob stated.  “I would listen to that song on days that weren’t even Friday.”

Overweight sidekick Big Boy was pleased to hear the video would be harder to find, adding “I hate that song, and her voice,” demonstrating the love/hate obsession Rebecca Black has on America.  Other things Big Boy hates include diet and exercise.

No reason has been officially given as to why the video was taken down at 3:41 PM.  Speculation includes the 13-year old singer’s inability to deal with the harsh criticism she has been on the receiving end of.  While wildly popular online, the video was also the fastest video to hit 1 million dislikes in youtube’s history.  The song can still be found on iTunes.

Which camp are you in?  Do you love “Friday” or hate it?

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