When you're in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, it is not unreasonable to expect to have some sort of wildlife encounter, whether that's coming face to face with a furry friend, or maybe just spotting one from a distance. Bears are one kind of animal that is most often seen in Gatlinburg, but normally those encounters are pretty peaceful and (thankfully) uneventful. What you don't normally expect to see is a couple of big ol' black bears scrapping in the middle of the road - but that's exactly what's happening in this video.

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Why Do Bears Fight?

It seems like a dumb question, doesn't it? They fight because they're mad about something, right? Not necessarily. According to BearSmart.com, most bear fighting is about intimidation and posturing, most often to impress the lady bears during mating season. Bears don't want to risk injuring themselves, so they usually don't fight unless it is absolutely necessary. The two bears in this video apparently felt it was pretty necessary because they are definitely fighting. So, what was all the hubbub about?

Black Bear

Why Were These Two Bears Fighting?

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency shared the video on their Facebook page, where they say the dispute was most likely over a food source. That reason makes sense, but it's no fun though. I like to imagine some sillier scenarios, like, maybe they were fighting over politics, or maybe they got all worked up over a debate about mask mandates - you know, just like us 'civilized' human beings do. Take a look. What make-believe conversation do you think preceded this scuffle?

The video, by the way, was shot near Ely's Mill in Gatlinburg, TN. The couple behind the camera was safe inside a garage during the fight, so nothing to worry about there. I'll admit that I'm glad that captured the fight on film - it's pretty cool to see the bears' power on display - but truth be told, it's probably not the best idea to stick around when something like is going down. My wimpy butt would be running inside and locking the doors.

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