We Do It Outdoors/YouTube
We Do It Outdoors/YouTube

I can remember watching the show In Search Of and then walking through the woods hoping to spot Bigfoot. My little brother and I would sit at the back of our property with our binoculars, our mental lunch boxes that held soggy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, stale Lay's chips and thermos' of  milk, in case our mission took so long we missed lunch. We never saw Bigfoot, just a bunch of neighborhood dogs, cats, a couple raccoons, a skunk and a ton of squirrels. Our dream was to see him and make friends with him.

Well, two men, from Ohio, are claiming they spotted Bigfoot at the Salt Fork State Park. They not only saw Bigfoot walking through the woods but it appears there may be two Bigfoots, Bigfeet, whatever, from the aerial drone footage that they got.

Take a look. What do YOU think?

If you are convinced they saw Bigfoot or even two, I want to remind you that Ohio is not that far away. He, they, could end up in your favorite neck of the woods.

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