When the heat and humidity hit the unbearable mark in the Tri-State, few things provide sweet, cooling relief like a dip in one of the many area swimming pools. I asked my Facebook friends to share their preferred swimming destinations in the area, and they more than delivered!

Many of the responses were what I expected, however there were a few "off the beaten path" locations that I had never heard of. Check out the list below (in no particular order) and keep it handy next time you're looking for somewhere to cool off.


Burdette Park

Of all the suggestions I received this has more mentions than any other place in the area. And why not, with three different pools, multiple water slides, diving boards, and more!

Howell Park (Red Mosby Pool)

Located on South Barker Avenue on Evansville's west side, Norman "Red" Mosby Pool has become a popular destination after a splash park and water slide were added to the property during a remodel a few years ago.

Hartke Pool

Hartke Pool has been a popular spot for cooling off for as long as I can remember. Situated right next to Swonder Ice Arena, the pool can be easily viewed by vehicles travelling west on the Lloyd Expressway.

Lloyd Pool

The only indoor pool in Evansville, Lloyd is open year-round and serves as a practice facility for a few of the area's high school swim teams. Featuring an Olympic-size pool as well as three diving boards of various heights, Lloyd is great option for enjoying a swim, even when the weather doesn't want to cooperate.

Garvin Pool

Located right across from the main entrance to Bosse Field, Garvin Pool offers an Olympic-size swimming pool and diving board area for killer cannonballs!


Newburgh Community Pool

Tucked away in the neighborhood off Jefferson Street, Newburgh Community Pool offers three short tube-style water slides, picnic area, and concession stand for hours of summer fun!


Scales Lake

Another popular choice of those who commented, Scales Lake in Boonville the first location on the list that isn't a swimming pool. Instead guests are invited to swim in the park's namesake. Those a little more daring (and with good swimming skills), can swim out to the floating doc off the shore to jump off the diving board. The Lake also features a separate water slide which ends in its own pool near the concession stand and restrooms.

Richards Pool

Those in Boonville who prefer their swimming water to be more chlorinated, and not worry about the wayward fish or other lake creature brushing up against their leg, can enjoy Richards Pool on East Main Street. The pool offers two small water slides on the deep end, as well as picnic area when it's time to refuel before hopping back in the water.

Mt. Vernon

Fountains at Riverbend Park

Located at the corner of East Water Street and South Main Street, the fountains shoot water up through the concrete to provide cooling relief during the hot Tri-State summer.

New Harmony

Harmonie State Park Pool

Located on the main road shortly after passing the guard shack at the entrance of the park, the pool at Harmonie State Park offers diving boards, concessions, and a twisting water slide to help keep the heat away.


East End Park Splash Pad

Henderson's East End Park on Letcher Street doesn't feature a pool, but what it does feature is a great splash park! And when it's hot outside, who cares if the cool water gets on you by jumping in a pool or sprayed down through a rainbow of colorful pipes?

Fountains at Audubon Mill Park

Located next to the boat ramp at the intersection of 2nd Street and North Water Street, and similar to the aforementioned fountains at Riverbend Park in Mt. Vernon, the decorative fountains shoot water up through the concrete providing cooling relief for kids of all ages.

Surrounding Area

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

It would be a swimming list if we didn't include the "Splashin' Safari" portion of Holiday World! With several water slides for kids of all sizes, ages, and bravery levels, including the two longest water coasters on the planet, plus two wave pools, and two lazy rivers, Splashin' Safari is a great way to spend an entire summer's day!

(Click the name of each location for Google Map)

Lincoln State Park - Lincoln City, Indiana

New Lake - Oakland City, Indiana

French Island Marina - Rockport, Indiana

Pennyrile Forest State Park - Dawson Springs, Kentucky

Pounds Hollow Recreation Area - Harrisburgh, Illinois

If there's one we missed, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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