Yesterday we went over how to stock your bar with the right kinds of rum. What we didn't tell you was how to make any actual rum drinks. Beyond the utterly simple rum and coke and the somewhat more challenging Rum Runner -- well, well, well beyond, in fact, like galaxies beyond those two concoctions -- is the cocktail known as the Rum Martinez.

There are just four actual ingredients: rum, vermouth, Maraschino, bitters. The real magic is in the process, which involves both chemistry and, presumably, alchemy. Here's a look at how it's done:

The inside of the Decanter is filled with smoke after rinsing the inside with rum. Next, a wood chip is put into the net in a teapot and burnt. A teapot is filled with rum (from decanter). And the impression is ripe with the barrel is given to rum. The inside of decanter is made filled with smoke using the same wood chips and a smoker. The ingredients of the Rum Martinez is then placed inside the smoked decanter and turned to marry the flavours.

Piece of cake, right?

In case you're curious, the bartender above is using Zacapa Centenario 23, a particularly scrumptious libation that is "aged for up to 23 years in the mountains of Guatemala where temperature and oxygen concentration are lower to slow the aging process." The bartender himself is Takumi Watanabe, chief bartender at Tokyo's renowned Sailing Bar, where you can procure all kinds of absurdly complex cocktails, though none so much as the Rum Martinez.

If there's one thing the Rum Martinez reminds us of, it's that one potion that makes a man able to see things no one else can see, do things no one else can do. You know the one:

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