Tone the Chiefrocca's only goal is to become a One-hit-wonder. I think he may have done just that. I'm sure The Rob will hate it, but I give it 2 thumbs up and a booty shake!

I honestly cannot get the song out of my mind! Not only did Tone the Chiefrocca dominate the stage like a boss when he came out, but when he started his song - I was hooked! The judges were up shaking their B-Double O-T-Y and Nick Cannon was even breaking out some Twerking. Tone the Chiefrocca admitted to the panel of judges that he just wants to be a One-Hit-Wonder. That he wants to be the next Psy/Gangnam Style. Tone the Chiefrocca - how does it feel to reach your dream, sir?

Imagine if this song were produced in a studio for radio play! It would be incredible! Watch it & just try to not sing "B. Double-O. T. Y."